Global Mobility Transition Leadership

MEDA Business as a Calling

Presented a workshop entitled “The Globally Mobile Workforce.” Provided participants an understanding of the needs and wants, from a cultural transition perspective, of people who move internationally for work whether they do this as an immigrant or as an expatriate on assignment. This workshop highlighted that the workplace is not the only environment which employers need to focus on as they support their mobile employees. Their global leadership and global teams are impacted by their personal lives and social lives which need to be given attention as well during this transition support process.

In their personal lives, the globally mobile workforce needs consistency across cultures in five key areas: routines, relationships, roles, reactions of others, and reflections on oneself. If the globally mobile employee is able to receive support and achieve consistency in each of these five areas the transition will be much smoother. The same is true for the employee in the workplace but the need for working in a psychologically safe environment is yet another critical layer.

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Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges is a succinct and easy read which provides great insights for any type of transition. If you are or plan to experience a global transition be sure to pick up this book!

Global Mobility Transition Leadership