Here at InterSights we work to enhance global mindsets one organization at a time.

Not only do we offer corporate global mindset leadership training, Diversity Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) workshops/training, coaching, consultation, dialogue facilitation, and cross-cultural academies, but we also come equipped with resources that can guide you and your team in the right direction.

Our experience & resource database provides us the tools needed to grow your team’s global mindset to achieve success & synergy. Explore our Blog page to see what we’re tuning in to here at InterSights. 

Want to know how we curate our blog? Read on. Each one of our partners has a unique skill set that contributes to our global mindset leadership coaching and training. 

Darin Short works with each partner to cultivate the global mindset curriculum suited specifically for your team. Just like every corporation and team is different, so are the leadership trainings.

Our blog can provide you insight into the way we think, what motivates us, and where we’re going.

Some of our pieces are written by us, and others are pieces provided by others that we feel are also representative of ideas we think are important.